Castel Pension & Restaurant is situated in a newly-reconstructed cultural heritage – in Mierovo’s mansion. It is located merely 18km from Bratislava. Mansion with its garden that you immediately fall in love with creates an oasis of relaxation, contentment and gastronomic experience in the heart of little village. Feature of the building’s interior is style, tradition, and unique atmosphere. As far as the history of the mansion goes, let us bring to your attention that it is closely linked to a meaningful breakthrough in the history of this village that happened in 18th century. Mierovo was passed into hands of Jeszenák’s family who made this place a centre of their estate. Pál Jeszenák had built this mansion in late-baroque style in 1746 already, and it preserved until today. Mansion had other well-known owners besides Jeszenák’s family. Apponyi’s family bought a big part of the estate, including land from Jeszenák’s in 1820. In addition, great landowners Wiener – Velten family from Vienna who created 3,500 hectar farm named Béke (Mierovo) – Gombai (Hubice) estate were co-owners. In 20th century, there was school, kindergarten, and flats established in the building, however, these were not used for years.

Nowadays, mansion in Mierovo is a baroque – classic structure built on a rectangular ground plan. A new part on the level of both floors was built in addition to the original occupancy on its west side. This was built in 19th century when the whole building was rebuilt in style of classicism. Entry to the area was characterized by monumental masonry gate with inscription that was a credo of former owners: “It is a house of virtue, hard work and diligence as well as an eternal shelter of great ideas and noble entertainment.” Similarly, we strive to maintain these ideas until today, thus we believe that you will want to stop in Mierovo on your journey, because you would surely feel here like at home.